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Chapter 5 of this story will be much darker
Kung Fu Panda - The Mirror - IV
Here is chapter 4 of The Mirror!

In this chapter, Shifu confronts the Master, and learns the truth behind this twisted reality...See the fate of the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five! With guest character Tai Lung!

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Favorites are absolutely welcome!
NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! :evillaugh:
Failure to comply will result in...bad things...EXTERMINATE!!!:iconexplodeplz::icondalekplz:

Kung Fu Panda belongs to Dreamworks
This is :iconkreedantillesordo: signing off... 


-{-[]-}-Kung Fu Panda-{-[]-}-
-The Mirror-


The Mirror – Chapter IV

Warning -> character death ahead

At the center of the filthy, blackened city lay its massive iron heart – an armored fortress, covered with legions of cannons and archers. Tigress, Monkey, and Crane sauntered up to the main passage, dragging Shifu's unconscious form with them. "Sorry to keep you waiting my lords! We were not informed of your return to the Citadel so soon..." the guard said nervously. Tigress said nothing, her face unreadable behind her helmet. But the gorilla could feel her icy stare boring into his skull. "Please forgive my insolence my lady..." The guard had barely spoken the words when Monkey slammed him to the ground. Standing on the guards chest, he leaned down and said "FOOL! Your stupidity will cost you dearly my hairy friend! I think I'll kill you slowly...and eat your brain for lunch. Ooh won't that be fun?!" "I want his liver Monkey. GIVE ME HIS LIVER!" Crane shrieked wildly. Monkey unsheathed a pair of swords from his belt, ready for the killing blow...

"NO!" Tigress bellowed, blocking Monkey's blades with her armored fist. " not...kill for amusement, Lord Monkey! Do you know what the Master would do to us if we killed one of his elite guard?" ""But we are superior to them Lady Tigress, everyone in this stinking cesspool! We could destroy the whole of China without a second thought! "And the Master can do the same to the whole world if he put his mind to it. But he chooses not to. That is true strength. You should have learned that by now...". Monkey growled in frustration. He knew she was right; the Master would have his head if he crossed him. "Fine..." Monkey spat. "Fortune favors you today my friend, you get to keep your brain...for now" Monkey said to the cowering gorilla. He turned away, then sucker punched the guard through the hard iron wall. "Hey, at least I didn't kill him...Now let's get this worm inside" Monkey said gesturing toward Shifu. As he and Crane went further in, Tigress stopped to survey the damage. She sighed; this was the second time in a week that she had to keep a guard from being killed by Monkey. He was never this insane before, she thought as she made her way over to the damaged wall. Taking a piece of the wall in either hand, she used her armor to force the hole closed. "Make sure this seam is repaired...and tend to the wounded" she instructed calmly. The other guards scrambled to repair the damaged wall while a few others rushed the half-dead guard to the the Citadel doctor. Now to the task at hand...

Tigress finally caught up to Crane and Monkey. They had come to the training hall, where Mantis and Viper were sparring in their armor. "Viper, Mantis we've all been summoned to the Master's chamber. There's a prisoner to inspect" Tigress called out above the noise. "Don't you usually handle prisoners yourself Tigress" asked Viper. Why do all of us need to be there? Mantis asked nervously. She took Shifu's body from Monkey's hands and showed them. "Because of him..." Both Mantis and Viper stared in utter shock at seeing Shifu – of all people – here in the Citadel. "But how can it be Tigress...?" "I don't know Viper, but the Master will need to see us right away". "Then let's go" Mantis said before already hopping out the door.

"Wake up dog" Tigress growled, dousing Shifu with cold water. He awoke instantly, coughing up the ice from his throat. "Ah, Tigress what have you brought me today?" a voice asked from the shadows. As his vision cleared, Shifu could tell that he was in a large room, like a chamber. "I take it you are the Master, but why have you brought me here?" "Come now Shifu, you don't recognize this place? You're home..." The dimly lit room was filled with all sorts of treasures, weapons, artifacts, and scrolls – one of which was the famous Dragon Scroll sitting atop a pedestal. "Now look above you" the voice instructed. Does he mean the Dragon statue? When he looked up, he saw something other than a dragon. "It cant be..." The creature was something only Oogway had seen before passing on...a phoenix, the celestial guardian of knowledge and power. "How can this be?" "It was prophesied in legend that when Oogway spoke to the Great Dragon to receive the Dragon's Scroll, another creature came to him a short time later. The Divine Phoenix. It gave him a touch of its power in the form of ten golden feathers. These feathers could grant whoever held them immense power and knowledge. The Phoenix also gave him a chest to keep the feathers safe, one that could only be opened by a warrior of pure in spirit, and in heart. But even Oogway didn't know who this warrior would be. Even the Dragon Warrior would not match him. And so, here we are..."

Shifu could scarcely believe his ears. A Divine Phoenix...golden feathers...and a being more powerful than the Dragon Warrior? But then, where was he...could he be..."What have you done with the Dragon Warrior? Where is Po?!" Suddenly a massive monster of iron appeared from nowhere. "DO NOT SPEAK THAT NAME IN MY PRESENCE!" the monster bellowed. "Why? I demand to see him, where are you keeping him? "Nowhere, and yet he is here...Oh but I must show you something..." The Master directed Shifu toward a smaller statue, It looked like it was sculpted with excruciating detail, in the form of a snow leopard. Yet it looked so familiar. The face was...Tai Lung's face. No...How can this be? "What have you done" "This is not my doing...its yours...Master Shifu..." Master Shifu, why would he call he that? Unless...Unless..."Po?"

Kung Fu Panda - The Mirror - IV
Here is chapter 4 of The Mirror!

In this chapter, Shifu confronts the Master, and learns the truth behind this twisted reality...See the fate of the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five! With guest character Tai Lung!

Comments are welcome!
Views are welcome!
Downloads are welcome!
Favorites are absolutely welcome!
NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! :evillaugh:
Failure to comply will result in...bad things...EXTERMINATE!!!:iconexplodeplz::icondalekplz:

Kung Fu Panda belongs to Dreamworks
This is :iconkreedantillesordo: signing off... 




The Scribe
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I'm a writer, photo manipulator, and all around art appreciator and collector - I will update that if it changes - look out...Also, don't forget to check out my brother's page here: :iconcyimang: I'm also on Battlestar Galactica Online - my screenname is Ben_Bannon - if you play, look me up...Recently I started playing Team Fortress 2, my screenname is "Knight Of The Obsidian Sword" - shoutout to my fellow player "Knight Of The Red Hoods"!!!
Now I'm on DCUO - my screen names are Vulcan Templar & Marrok The White...

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Additional stuff...
1. I'm a Star Wars nut!!!
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3. I'm a Whovian!!! WHOVIANS UNITE!!! Favorite Doctor - :icondavidtennantplz: And a word to my fellow Whovians: "You only get one shot in this world. Remember, in this life, there are no regenerations..."
4. I'm a Gamer!!! Love my Wii U & laptop...
5. I'm a comic book fan! DC and Marvel rule!
6. I love science, technology, and nature! I'm constantly watching the
Science, Discovery, National Geographic, and History Channels. Favorite
shows include: Mythbusters, Dark Matters: Twisted But True, Monster Bug
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but I like to take my time and make sure of what I read...
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10. I love music (if you look at my interest list you can see what I like),
classical music, dubstep, rock, alternative, rock and roll, R & B,
old school rap, jazz, electronic, blues, traditional music from other countries,
new get the idea...
11. I love (Go Orioles!), football (Go Ravens!), and bowling! Oh yeah, I'm a bowler...a pretty darn good one too...
12. I watch cartoons, stuff like Looney Tunes, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ben 10, Young Justice, Green Lantern, Batman
(from TAS to YJ), Superman, Futurama, SWAT Kats, Transformers Prime, G.I. Joe Renegades, Tron Uprising...whew...too many to remember...
13. I'm an avid movie watcher...and I do mean avid...
14. I love writing stories, especially when I can write one with my brother, he and I make a good team...
15. I'm a huge Face-Off fan!!!
16. I had a fifth grade reading level when I was three years old...
I had a college reading level when I was in fifth grade coincidentally...
17. I'm a fan of giant robots...and that's not just Megazords...
18. Speaking of Megazords, I am a long time Power Rangers fan! Tommy Oliver and Jason Lee Scott - best rangers ever...
19. Speaking of the Wii - me and my brother Cyi Mang are epic musicians on the Rock Band II and Rock Band III games - if you happen to play, look us up on the leaderboards - on II, we're called 20 Seconds 'til Forever, on III we're called On The Edge Of Eternity...we play a wide variety of music...
20. I have a strange obsession with clocks...
21. If I don't answer me messages right away, I am involved with constructing two digital enchiridions. The first involves a Monster Hunter Game Guide that I'm working on, and the second involves building the archive for mine and Cyi Mang's original characters in the Breed Universe.
22. I'm a pilot! Well not in real life, but on flying games, and remote control planes, I'm a real flyboy...
23. I'm a robot fanatic! While I like robots in the real world, I prefer the science-fiction kind of robots [i.e. the Robot from "Lost In Space", Robby the robot "Forbidden Planet", the Sentinels in the Marvel Universe, Droids like R2D2 and C-3P0 in "Star Wars", the N5's from "I Robot, the Transformers especially, the Cybermen from Doctor Who]-[I also like robot suits like Mobile Suit Gundam {its been a while since I watched the anime though},the Armored Core series, the Mechwarrior series, the Immortal Grand Prix anime, Virtual On {the arcade version - better than the console version in my opinion}, the Nobuseri from the Samurai 7 anime, and the Megazords from the Power Rangers series - just to name a few]
24. I am a HUGE fan of this guy here ->… Celldweller. His music is unbelievable...take a listen and find out for yourself...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

So check out my page...Enjoy what I have to offer...

And fear my insidious wisdom...

Proud to be a member of these groups!!!
More to be added soon...

:iconfirefoxstamp1::iconfirefoxstamp2::icongimpuserstamp1-plz::icongimpuserstamp2-plz: :iconnintendostampplz::iconnintendostamp2plz:

These are stamps I made recently, and they are free to use but please credit me...
just click on them to go to the page, and just copy and paste the thumb code...
The Breed Stamp by kreedantillesordoCitizen-Deviant-Stamp by kreedantillesordoNew One Stamp by kreedantillesordoBoot To The Head Stamp by kreedantillesordoBaltimore Ravens Stamp by kreedantillesordoBaltimore Ravens Stamp by kreedantillesordoBaltimore Ravens Stamp by kreedantillesordoSteampunk stamp by kreedantillesordo

In the crucible of dire circumstances and painful

This is my from "DARK" Collection on

And finally I would like to declare
Hey DA, this is :iconkreedantillesordo: with an update from my buddy :iconmr-redx:
His awesome character Empress is now in the comic Argo 5 - written by :iconargocomics: and you can 
check out more in his journal entry here - just click on the link below ->…

Offer your support and send X your congratulations:D:D:D
DO IT OR BE EXTERMINATED :iconexplodeplz::icondalekplz::iconexterminateplz:

Okay this is :iconkreedantillesordo: signing off...

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