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It's new, it's fresh, it's now!!! And best of all, it's free...
Abandon all who enter here...


Some of favorite stuff resides here...Take a look around, maybe you'll find something you like! There is a wide variety of Deviations here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Lots of digital art in here, but you'll also find photographs, paintings, stories, and even sketches. Enter the gateway into my world, and you will find portals to other fine pieces...


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Unleashed II by kreedantillesordo
Unleashed II
Hey, DA! Here's :iconkreedantillesordo: with another new photomanip for your viewing pleasure...

This one is a sort of a second commission/manip of the "Force Unleashed II" poster (original is Starkiller holding two sabers),
and in this it is my very good friend :iconisaiahbelmont:'s face on Starkiller's body, and of course, with Lance's saber colors of violet and green glowing in the darkness...Hope you all enjoy it:D:D:D

I did not use Photoshop for this...


First off :iconisaiahbelmont: a.k.a Lance for the generous use of his face...
George Lucas for Star Wars, and Lucasarts for the "Force Unleashed" series and poster...
The GIMP Team for Gimp 2.8...
and my laptop for putting up with me for so long on this pic...

This is :iconkreedantillesordo: singing off...



-{-[]-}-Kung Fu Panda-{-[]-}-

-The Mirror-


Shifu couldn't believe his ears. From the mouth of this metal monstrosity came the voice of his own student Tigress. He almost spoke her name before he caught himself, realizing he would be captured if he did. The merchants were waiting to be granted access into the city, staring fearfully at Tigress' helmed face. "Make sure their papers are in order chief, and let them in." With a sigh, the merchants gratefully made their way past the gates before Tigress put a massive hand on one's shoulder. "The Master sends his thanks to you, but tread carefully. He is not always as patient with everyone..." Turning to the other guards, she bellowed "BACK TO YOUR POSTS!" The other armored soldiers immediately scurried out of her sight, not wanting to incur more of her wrath.

A sign stood just inside the gate that read: 'Bastion City'. What has happened to the valley?, Shifu thought. It was as if it never existed. Buildings made of iron stood amongst the old stonework. Smokestacks as tall as trees dominated the landscape. The stone paths - usually weathered but clean - were stained black from the smoke. Even the skies were an ominous bloody-red, giving Shifu the impression of standing inside an angry volcano. Suddenly, the ground shook as a loud 'BANG!' rang out, knocking Shifu from his feet. Fire shot up into the sky, igniting the air. "TAKE COVER! CLEAR THE AREA NOW!" a voice shouted from behind him. More suits came charging down the path, clearing the streets of people. The lead suit was different - its arms were longer, and its legs shorter. Like a monkey...

Shifu guessed that if Tigress and Monkey were wearing armor, then all of the Five were. He was mid-thought when one of the nearby buildings began to collapse. In its path was a family of rabbits, seeking refuge from the chaos below. Perched just above their heads was a chunk of stone about to crush them. "NO!" Like a bolt of lightning, Shifu shot toward the family, his hand extended. In a flash, the chunk shattered into dust. "Are you alright?" At that moment, everyone stopped. The family stared at him in shock. "Are you alright?" he asked again. They said nothing, scurrying away in fear. He at least expected a response, but it's as if they were afraid of something. Or someone. That's when he heard those massive feet coming his way.

"HALT! YOU ARE BREAKING MARTIAL LAW CITIZEN", Monkey' s voice boomed. His hand tried to grab Shifu, but he slipped out of his reach. He sprinted up the street, passing shocked and frightened villagers. But Monkey was right behind him, leaping across the rooftops like a maniac. He had all the advantages - this village was completely alien, Shifu may as well have been running blind. Corner after corner, Monkey's screeching met him where ever he turned. "Where can I go?" he said, breathing heavily. "Nowhere" he heard from above. Terrified he looked up, and saw a massive metal bird gazing at him with burning eyes. "Crane" "You''re coming with us Shifu", Monkey growled. "The Master won't want to miss seeing you again...", Crane laughed as he grabbed Shifu by his neck. "Because the last time I checked, you were dead..." "What!?" he gasped before something hit his head. He could hear Crane and Monkey's crazed laughter before he blacked out.

Author's Note: Hi to all who are reading the story. I hope you like it. This chapter is short, but it serves as a bridge to the next chapter, where we will see the mastermind behind the nightmare...

Kung Fu Panda - The Mirror - III
Here is chapter 3 of The Mirror!

In this chapter, Shifu enters the Valley but finds it is a vast complex of factories and iron walls...And he comes much closer to finding the mysterious Master who has enslaved the villagers and the Five...

Comments are welcome!
Views are welcome!
Downloads are welcome!
Favorites are absolutely welcome!
NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! :evillaugh:
Failure to comply will result in...bad things...EXTERMINATE!!!:iconexplodeplz::icondalekplz:

Kung Fu Panda belongs to Dreamworks
This is :iconkreedantillesordo: signing off... 




The Scribe
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a writer, photo manipulator, and all around art appreciator and collector - I will update that if it changes - look out...Also, don't forget to check out my brother's page here: :iconcyimang: I'm also on Battlestar Galactica Online - my screenname is Ben_Bannon - if you play, look me up...Recently I started playing Team Fortress 2, my screenname is "Knight Of The Obsidian Sword" - shoutout to my fellow player "Knight Of The Red Hoods"!!!
Now I'm on DCUO - my screen names are Vulcan Templar & Marrok The White...

Here are some links to my new pages on Soundcloud, Google+, & Youtube ->
My :iconsoundcloudplz: page |
My :icongoogleplusplz: page… |
My :iconyoutubeplz: channel…
I'm on Reddit now too - :iconredditplz: (no posts yet...)
& Instagram :iconinstagramplz: ->

Additional stuff...
1. I'm a Star Wars nut!!!
2. I'm a Star Trek nut!!!
3. I'm a Whovian!!! WHOVIANS UNITE!!! Favorite Doctor - :icondavidtennantplz: And a word to my fellow Whovians: "You only get one shot in this world. Remember, in this life, there are no regenerations..."
4. I'm a Gamer!!! Love my Wii U & laptop...
5. I'm a comic book fan! DC and Marvel rule!
6. I love science, technology, and nature! I'm constantly watching the
Science, Discovery, National Geographic, and History Channels. Favorite
shows include: Mythbusters, Dark Matters: Twisted But True, Monster Bug
Wars, Life After People, River Monsters, and lots of others...
7. I'm an avid reader! I'll read a lot of different things,
but I like to take my time and make sure of what I read...
8. I'm an amateur photographer...if you call a cell phone a camera...
9. I'm an avid fiction reader, I spend most of my time at, reading, and reading, and reading...check it out if it strikes your interest...
10. I love music (if you look at my interest list you can see what I like),
classical music, dubstep, rock, alternative, rock and roll, R & B,
old school rap, jazz, electronic, blues, traditional music from other countries,
new get the idea...
11. I love (Go Orioles!), football (Go Ravens!), and bowling! Oh yeah, I'm a bowler...a pretty darn good one too...
12. I watch cartoons, stuff like Looney Tunes, Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ben 10, Young Justice, Green Lantern, Batman
(from TAS to YJ), Superman, Futurama, SWAT Kats, Transformers Prime, G.I. Joe Renegades, Tron Uprising...whew...too many to remember...
13. I'm an avid movie watcher...and I do mean avid...
14. I love writing stories, especially when I can write one with my brother, he and I make a good team...
15. I'm a huge Face-Off fan!!!
16. I had a fifth grade reading level when I was three years old...
I had a college reading level when I was in fifth grade coincidentally...
17. I'm a fan of giant robots...and that's not just Megazords...
18. Speaking of Megazords, I am a long time Power Rangers fan! Tommy Oliver and Jason Lee Scott - best rangers ever...
19. Speaking of the Wii - me and my brother Cyi Mang are epic musicians on the Rock Band II and Rock Band III games - if you happen to play, look us up on the leaderboards - on II, we're called 20 Seconds 'til Forever, on III we're called On The Edge Of Eternity...we play a wide variety of music...
20. I have a strange obsession with clocks...
21. If I don't answer me messages right away, I am involved with constructing two digital enchiridions. The first involves a Monster Hunter Game Guide that I'm working on, and the second involves building the archive for mine and Cyi Mang's original characters in the Breed Universe.
22. I'm a pilot! Well not in real life, but on flying games, and remote control planes, I'm a real flyboy...
23. I'm a robot fanatic! While I like robots in the real world, I prefer the science-fiction kind of robots [i.e. the Robot from "Lost In Space", Robby the robot "Forbidden Planet", the Sentinels in the Marvel Universe, Droids like R2D2 and C-3P0 in "Star Wars", the N5's from "I Robot, the Transformers especially, the Cybermen from Doctor Who]-[I also like robot suits like Mobile Suit Gundam {its been a while since I watched the anime though},the Armored Core series, the Mechwarrior series, the Immortal Grand Prix anime, Virtual On {the arcade version - better than the console version in my opinion}, the Nobuseri from the Samurai 7 anime, and the Megazords from the Power Rangers series - just to name a few]
24. I am a HUGE fan of this guy here ->… Celldweller. His music is unbelievable...take a listen and find out for yourself...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

So check out my page...Enjoy what I have to offer...

And fear my insidious wisdom...

Proud to be a member of these groups!!!
More to be added soon...

:iconfirefoxstamp1::iconfirefoxstamp2::icongimpuserstamp1-plz::icongimpuserstamp2-plz: :iconnintendostampplz::iconnintendostamp2plz:

These are stamps I made recently, and they are free to use but please credit me...
just click on them to go to the page, and just copy and paste the thumb code...
The Breed Stamp by kreedantillesordoCitizen-Deviant-Stamp by kreedantillesordoNew One Stamp by kreedantillesordoBoot To The Head Stamp by kreedantillesordoBaltimore Ravens Stamp by kreedantillesordoBaltimore Ravens Stamp by kreedantillesordoBaltimore Ravens Stamp by kreedantillesordoSteampunk stamp by kreedantillesordo

In the crucible of dire circumstances and painful

This is my from "DARK" Collection on

And finally I would like to declare
Hey DA, this is :iconkreedantillesordo: with an update from my buddy :iconmr-redx:
His awesome character Empress is now in the comic Argo 5 - written by :iconargocomics: and you can 
check out more in his journal entry here - just click on the link below ->…

Offer your support and send X your congratulations:D:D:D
DO IT OR BE EXTERMINATED :iconexplodeplz::icondalekplz::iconexterminateplz:

Okay this is :iconkreedantillesordo: signing off...

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  • Listening to: the wind howling
  • Reading: the weather report
  • Watching: Farscape season 2
  • Playing: Arkham Origins with my brother
  • Eating: breakfast
  • Drinking: coffee with cream and sugar

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